Drugs Tour Amsterdam was set up with the aim of providing travelers with an unbiased understanding of the current drug situation in Amsterdam.

Ernesto Diringuer
Ernesto DiringuerFounder and Tour Guide
Seeing creative ways to help people solve problems and add value to their lives led me to become an entrepreneur at an early age. When I was only 16, I started my first business. Since then, I have spent most of my working life in international business.
My passion for global business started with my first international company, handling exports and imports for a leather products company. I then founded an IT and outsourcing company based in the most international of cities—New York.
As an entrepreneur, two things push me to achieve my goals—the opportunity to transform the reality around us, and the challenge of creating something that adds value.
Drug consumption is a constant in almost all levels of society. Yet it’s still a taboo subject, despite the strong presence of drugs in modern society. That taboo has puzzled me. I have always maintained how important it is for people to have a deeper understanding of the still-underground drug world.
So, I turned my entrepreneurial spirit loose on the question, “What can I do to improve the image of Amsterdam, while at the same time providing people with useful information on the Dutch drug policy?”. It had to be something simple, enjoyable, and educational.
We founded Drugs Tour Amsterdam to provide travelers with an unbiased understanding of the current drug scene in Amsterdam. To this end, we present factual and impartial information on the realities of drugs in the city, while at the same time helping visitors discover the sights and sounds of Amsterdam’s charming historic districts.
Mira Zavala
Mira Zavala Tour Guide
Mira Zavala holds a Bachelor of Political Science, and has written her thesis on the regulation of drugs and the effects on security and human well being. In this thesis she researched why regulating and legalising soft drugs actually aided in mitigating security and health issues such as criminality, violence, addiction and overdose.

Having lived in Amsterdam for over 7 years she has gotten a broad as well as deep insight of the drug policies in the Netherlands.
She believes that informing people with the right knowledge and information, empowers them to make smart and healthy choices.

Aleksi Hupli
Aleksi HupliTour Guide
Aleksi is currently finishing his Sociology PhD at the University of Tampere (Finland) in which he explores the distinction between using drugs for therapy vs. so-called enhancement drug use. Aleksi moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to do a degree in Medical Anthroplogy & Sociology at the University of Amsterdam and his Master´s Thesis was about student use of enhancement drugs (Hupli 2013 http://dare.uva.nl/en/scriptie/451536). Since 2012 Aleksi has co-founded the Finnish Psychedelic Research Association (www.psyty.fi), volunteered for OPEN Foundation to organise the Interndisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (http://www.icpr2016.nl/), organised and filmed events for the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands, participated at high-end United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime meetings as the active board member of the Finnish Association for Humane Drug Policy, as well as presented at international academic conferences on topics such as psychedelic microdosing, medical cannabis and smart drug use. Aleksi also founded the Youtube-channel Drugventures, and you can read his drug-related video-essays on his website: https://aleksimikaelhupli.com/