Drugs Tour Amsterdam was set up with the aim of providing travelers with an unbiased understanding of the current drug situation in Amsterdam.


Drugs Tour Amsterdam was set up with the aim of providing travelers with an unbiased understanding of the current drug situation in Amsterdam.

For this purpose, we present factual and impartial information on the realities of drugs in the city, while simultaneously helping visitors discover the main sights in some of the most historic areas in Amsterdam.


Around 3,000,000 tourists a year come to Amsterdam from around the world. We want to give them the opportunity to understand the reality of drugs in the city and go back to their countries with a clear vision of life and living in Amsterdam.

Why initiate this project?:

Known internationally for its hedonistic attitude towards sex and drugs, Amsterdam has been at the centre of an international controversy for decades. We do think that there are a large number of misconceptions and prejudgments surrounding the Dutch policy on drugs, which does harm the image of the city internationally. Rather than genuinely weighing its flaws and merits, this controversy discourages an impartial understanding of the Dutch approach to drug policy.

Our objective is to present the Dutch drug policy as an asset for the city while simultaneously promoting an unbiased view of the Dutch drug reality, particularly in Amsterdam.


To provide a world-class multi-lingual tourism service in a unique and innovative way in the city.


We develop enjoyable walking tours around the city hot spots, operating in two formats: Free Tours and Private Tours.

Free Tours

We are committed to providing everyone, no matter their budget, with the best information and tours available. As our expert guides work for tips, quality becomes the priority in each and every one of the tours.

Private Tours

Given the sensitivity of the subject, we also provide private tours for small audiences in order to give everyone the opportunity to raise questions in a more private and confidential environment.

Additionally, the Private Tour is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.


Providing high quality services

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